Script - William Varnam 

Music & Lyrics - Phil Baggaley 

Designed & Directed - Daniel Ellis

Just suppose that for most of your working life you always played by the rules, worked to the book, towed the line; dedicated to your chosen career. You reach retirement and suddenly it hits you. What have you done with your life?

If you could live it again, would you do things differently. Rhys Maddocks, health and safety guru has never been a risk taker. Had he been so would life have taken him on a different journey? Just where is he now anyway? Throw caution to the wind and come and join him as he tries to make sense of it.


With a combination of fantastic story telling, live music and superb comic timing, this one man extravaganza is a show not to miss. 


“It was true entertainment which did not require any gimmicks to get a very strong message across to an audience. A warm feeling of enjoyment”.


“Moving songs with production and direction of the highest order".

May 2019