Freelance Theatre Maker

Director, Sound Design/Composition, Stage Manager (SM, DSM, TSM)

As well as directing for Open Road Productions, I work as a freelance Theatre Maker across the country. You can view my CV HERE.

Stage Management 

I am an experienced Stage Manager having worked on both large scale productions, small scale touring productions and shows that have toured internationally. Along with my technical knowledge I have small scale production management and technical management experience, and I often find myself working as a TSM, SM and Sound Designer at the same time. I love a challenge!

Sound Design

As well as designing for Open Road Productions, I have created soundscapes and designs for award winning theatre company Not Too Tame, as well as create sound for various projects and Youth Theatre groups. I particularly enjoy creating ambiant sound designs, using a combination of real instruments, Logic Pro X, Kontakt and Qlab.


Take a listen to a few examples of my work. 


If you'd like to use me for a project, whether that be as a Stage Manager, Sound Designer or Director, please do not hesitate to get in touch. I am more than happy to have a chat with you. Contact - danielellistheatre@yahoo.co.uk